Youth and Teen Summer Program

Campers under eighteen participate in the Youth and Teen Program. They are grouped according to age, maturity and interest. A major focus of the program is to support campers in learning to live and socialize outside of a traditional family setting. The normal activities at the beach and the situations arising in a group situation provide many opportunities for them to improve their problem solving skills, to learn to enjoy each other and to develop a sensitivity to making adjustments to meet the needs and desires of the group.

The energy and enthusiasm of this age group is channeled into a full schedule of age appropriate activities. The group leaders swim with campers on their daily trips to the beach and the pool. Crabbing, sailing, trips to the water park and sand art projects are all part of the weekly schedule. Pickup games of basketball and football are popular activities between scheduled events. The girls in this age group enjoy manicures and experimenting with hair styles.

The Youth and Teen Program offers most campers their first opportunity to have some measure of independence. They especially appreciate this during our evening trips to the boardwalk because we are mingling with so many people, including preteens and teenagers. Our group recognizes that they are doing many of the same things their peers are doing.

Another feeling of achievement is gained when campers are paid $5 per day for performing their household chores. The accumulation of $10 or $15 in a very short period of time often gives campers their first opportunity to make choices completely on their own. The campers, individually and as a group, can become very involved in deciding what to purchase with their chore money. Basic lessons in budgeting are learned in the process of deciding if the chore money should be spent each day or saved for several days so that moneys can accumulate to make a large purchase.

At the end of each day, everyone is usually very happy because they have been so involved in the activities that make the beach such a fun vacation.

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