Summer Session

Many returning campers stay for all or a large part of the summer. Two weeks is the minimum stay at the camp. The camp fee is $1500/week, which includes the cost of the beach house, food, and all activities. The camp fee does not include medical expenses, personal items, and transportation to and from the beach.


Offered from Annapolis, Maryland, and Dover, Delaware at a cost of $50 per camper per trip.

If the 2021 camp season is cancelled because of COVID-19 concerns, all camp fees paid for the portion of the season that is cancelled will be refunded in full.

Campers receive $25 per week for performing household chores. Campers are encouraged to bring only small additional amounts of money to camp because the chore money is usually sufficient to pay for purchases on the boardwalk or at the water park.

Many returning campers stay for all or a large part of the summer. Unless special arrangements have been made, two weeks is the minimum stay at camp.

Payment Options

A camper's place for the summer program is reserved by payment of a nonrefundable deposit at the time of registration. The deposit is $500 for each session the camper will be attending the camp.

The balance of the camp fee can be paid in a lump sum or in equal monthly installments with the first installment due at the time of registration and last installment due May 15, 2023. Camp fees paid in full prior March 15, 2023 receive a 5% discount.

Payments should be made to:

Tom Ingoldsby
Camp Atlantic
P.O. Box 7273
McLean, Virginia 22106-7273